Studio 1


4 inter-connected recording spaces with varied and flexible acoustics, allowing control of separation whilst maintaining good visual contact. 6 Custom made 12 channel headphone mixers with powerful headphone amps directly routed from ProTools: the best foldback system in London! Stunning outboard collection including vacuum tube EQ and compression.


Legendary MCI JH500 console, custom built in 1971 for Island Records, Basing Street, lovingly restored and modified for today’s tracking needs.
ProTools HD3 Accel 32×32 and Analogue 16/24 track,
2″Yamaha Disklavier 6′ 6″ grand piano: Midi in & out
Hammond C3 Organ and Leslie tone cabinet with Trek interface.
Rhodes ‘suitcase’ electric piano,
Wurlitzer electric piano, Hohner Clavinet,
Farfisa organ
Amps include: Marshall 50w & 4×12, Mesa Boogie combo, Vox AC30,  Ampeg Bass amp.
Extensive microphone collection of both vintage and modern microphones including many ribbon mics

                                    Rough Floorplan