Eastcote Studios Blog Volume 2

Hello everyone and welcome to the first Eastcote blog update of 2012, we hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!
It’s been as busy as ever here at the studio since our last post, we’ve seen plenty of old faces return as well as some new clients too.
Firstly, a quick note on our studio equipment. Studio owner Philip Bagenal has finally managed to source another pair of Adam S2.5A’s (not an easy task!), which has enabled him to complete his vision of having identical monitoring in all three of our studios. Studios 1, 2 and 3 now have NS10’s powered by Bryston amps, and Adam S2.5A’s.
After a brief break, our old friends Mumford and Sons (www.mumfordandsons.com) returned with producer Marcus Dravs and engineer Robin Bainton for some more work on their forthcoming second album.  We are all very much looking forward to hearing the end results of these sessions!
Next we had multi-instrumentalist Gary Husband (http://www.garyhusband.com) putting the finishing touches on the mixes for his stunning new album, Dirty and Beautiful Volume II, which should be released by the time you read this.
Next up we had PJ Harvey producer Head return to Eastcote, this time bringing folk-blues duo The Smoke Fairies (www.smokefairies.com) with him. They had a number of sessions in Studio’s 1 and 2 to record and mix their new album.
Around this time, the studio also played host to electro-dubstep producer Hygrade ( http://www.myspace.com/hygrade ) and his team of top-liners and lyricists. These guys had a 5 day writing session in Studio 2 and we wish them all the best of luck with the results.
Just before we finished for the holidays, Virgin records latest new signing To Kill A King (http://tokillaking.co.uk/) came to Studio 1 with engineer Neil Comber  for an intensive 1-day-1-song recording session for their debut album. These guys also host a regular night just down the road from the studio at Notting Hill Arts Club and we thoroughly recommend that you check them out.
Finally in the new year, we witnessed the triumphant return of Adele to Eastcote Studios! (http://www.adele.tv/) Adele recorded Rolling in the Deep back in 2010 in Eastcote Studio 1, which went on to be the most downloaded track of 2011.  This time she returned with the crew of CBS show 60 Minutes to record an interview and and an informal performance. You can see this interview and the studio in all it’s high definition glory just before the Grammys on CBS!


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